Utility Asset Management

  • AX 2012

The health of your infrastructure has considerable impact on the productivity and efficiency of your utility operations. Consequently it also determines the profitability of your organization. Utility Asset Management provides a strong platform to help you control and manage the preventive and ad-hoc services required for assets. It supports a wide range of functions and empowers your company to meet the challenges of ongoing changes in the utility market. At the same time giving you the insight into your business that you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global environment.


  • Major impact of breakdowns requires accurate response
  • Fix problems in shortest time possible
  • Limiting downtime
  • Accessing grid information in places without PC access

Dynamics Software Utility Asset Management supports you by proving an overview of all work orders, regardless if they are customer-facing or internal. At the same time you have direct access to all your assets, from both an operational and financial perspective.

  • Supports a multi-level grid structure
  • Generate work orders for all types of assets
  • Supports tracking and tracing of maintenance and repair work orders
  • Supports maintenance logistics, financials and work orders
  • Real-time inventory and parts management including serial number tracking
  • Seamless platform-independent integration to any modern-type mobile device (tablet, phone etc.) 
  • Optimized maintenance planning and scheduling using the Graphical Planning Board

  • Ability to manage and track your assets in time (Asset Life Cycle Management)
  • Increased up-time through timely preventive maintenance
  • Ability to generate preventive and corrective work orders on the grid
  • Better cost control
  • Improved operational performance and efficiency
  • Full insight into operational and financial history by asset
  • Detect work order priorities via severity matrix
  • Integrated Meter Readings
  • Optimized Tour planning
  • Insight into the asset infrastructure