Mobile Field Service

  • AX 2009
  • AX 2012
  • D365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise edition

The service field continues to be a major proving ground in the quest for improved customer satisfaction, higher customer retention and increased profitability. Most service organizations require secondary or even additional follow up visits, thereby making the effective management of field resources and the overall field service organization extremely vital in the pursuit of service excellence. We realize that to remain competitive advantage, you must accomplish more with less staff, while your customers continue to demand higher service levels. The need for enhanced mobile field service productivity has never been greater. Dynamics Software Mobile Field Service support both offline and online capabilities


  • Desire to evolve from cost center to strategic profit center
  • Realizing increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase performance of field engineers
  • Achieve competitive differentiation
  • No real time communication
  • Supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies

Mobile Field Service is an online/offline mobile solution that enables enterprises to optimize the operations of field service personnel through a unique integration of Mobile Workforce Automation and a rich Service Management solution. Your field workers can interact seamlessly with the system and experts in the back office of your enterprise. This allows personnel – online or offline – to share critical information relating to customers, orders, equipment and inventory. As a result, your field workers arrive at the customer location on time with the right spare parts and information to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • Support for
    • Windows 10, version 1511 or higher
    • Android, version 4.4 or higher
    • iOS, version 9.2.4 or higher
  • Compatible with laptops, tablets and phones
  • All relevant customer information can be viewed on the mobile device such as customer, service object, service contract and service task information
  • Direct access to service object data and contract information
  • Complete service tasks including the ability to take picture from the item repaired
  • Review historical information of previous service tasks
  • Complete hour registration for both direct and indirect activities i.e. for service task and non-service task related
  • Streamlined process flow to make data entry as easy as possible
  • In case of weekend and/or night shift new orders can be created directly on the mobile device
  • Insight in required resource capacity versus available resource capacity
  • Add materials, like spare parts, update VAN inventory
  • Capturing customer signature
  • Capture and store media files

  • Increase the number of work orders completed per day
  • Improve billing cycle time and billing accuracy
  • Minimize idle and mis-spent clock time
  • Build incremental service based revenue streams
  • Decrease inventory levels
  • Lower back office costs
  • Increase customer retention
  • 360 degree customer view


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