Project Calculation

  • AX 2012

The solution lets you manage your business relations effectively, along with all the documentation and correspondence that entails.

Integrated customer approach

You can create a structure of customer objects, such as a building, work site or capital good. This is the starting point for acquisition processes with calculations, quotations and all other documents, drawings and emails. To this customer object, you can link installations and other objects, on which you will perform service and maintenance work under management or contract agreements. A customer dashboard ensures that all departments can stay up-to-date with the latest status, agreements and any issues, enabling you to respond to requests quickly and maintain effective communications with your customers. This keeps both you and your customers satisfied.

Easily surveyable acquisition process

At the level of your business relations, Project Calculation lets you survey all customer objects for which acquisition processes are ongoing. You can, for example, define multiple relations that impact on the process, such as sister companies, public bodies, IT architects and (sub)contractors. It also gives you full control of the process of offers from multiple parties for the same customer object or job. 

Project Calculation has been integrated into calculation management, creating the basis for quotation generation. You can incorporate calculations with different levels of complexity in various ways, and always with great speed, whether it be simple price estimates or elaborate project calculations with split calculations. Using the various scenarios, options, surcharges and discounts, you will be able to calculate an accurate quotation price, which is easy to insert into a Microsoft Word document using the Office add-ins. As all you need to do is import product and price information and illustrations from the ERP system. That is how you tailor your quotations to suit potential customers and increase your chance of success.