Graphical Planning & Scheduling

  • AX 2009
  • AX 2012
  • D365 for Finance and Operations

Today’s global economy is challenging for very many industries. Customers demand fast and efficient deliveries which put productivity margins under pressure.

Efficient production planning and scheduling help you to overcome today’s challenges. Graphical Planning and Scheduling provides a clear and detailed overview of all activities to the level of detail you need, whether it is to dispatch daily jobs to the operators or to track the week capacity per resource. Whether you run against finite or infinite capacity planning, your planner can keep an eye on all relevant data and optimize the planning with just a few mouse clicks. If you want to first work out some scenarios before actualizing the plan– just switch to Simulation mode and the playground is yours!


  • Lack of insight in resource capacity and availability
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has the information available, but production scheduling is a full-time job
  • Shifting production orders between resources is too complicated
  • Resource capabilities are not checked
  • Planners want all information in one screen and one screen only
  • Planning must be real-time and accurate
  • Views of different planning horizons to streamline short and mid-term planning
  • Optimize production change over times to facilitate Maintenance is a time-consuming job

Graphical Planning and Scheduling enable planners to work on multiple screens and drag the orders from the unplanned order overview and drop/allocate them to a resource, machine or human, with capacity on another screen. Graphical Planning and Scheduling manages the capacity reservations from the production control module, the master planning module, the project management and counting module as well as the service/maintenance management module from Dynamics Software.

  • Multiple views of the same source – per week, per day, per month, for a group of workers or individually
  • Supports drag and drop scheduling for all resource driven scheduling requirements
  • Multiple Calendar support to allow specific days and times to be included – or excluded
  • Integrated Maintenance and Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Dragging jobs in time and over resources/resource groups
  • Simulating the planning before committing it to the system
  • Incorporated Order Pegging allows to track the origin of each order
  • Multiple colour selections allow to differentiate between types of products, item groups or production types

  • Real-time capacity overviews 
  • Drag and drop adjustments to the production and / or project planning 
  • Increased planner productivity through one cockpit from which all planning adjustments can be made in real time
  • Procurement, customer service, sales (ATP) activities always in line with the actual status on the floor (unlike paper plan boards) 
  • Built in native Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for a seamless real-time planning


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