Electronic Invoice Processing

  • D365 for Finance and Operations

Every year, the accounts payable departments of medium-sized and large organizations manually process tens of thousands of purchase invoices manually. This large number requires a substantial part of the staff capacity. The lack of automation in the processing of invoices results in inefficiencies, wasted time and lost revenue. Consider the numerous manual activities, such as entry into the ERP system or the financial system, verification of accuracy, the routing for approval and archiving.


By using Electronic Invoice Processing you can fully automate the processing of incoming invoices, both purchase order related invoices and expense invoices. Savings may run up to 70 percent in FTE's. Electronic Invoice Processing is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

  • Scanning and Recognition of Invoices
  • Automatically match invoices on a line level. 
  • Processing of electronic invoices in pdf format
  • Electronic archiving of invoices
  • Coding expensive invoices
  • Registering and booking invoices
  • Automatic matching of invoices on total amount
  • Automatic matching of invoices on line level
  • Monitor and authorize invoices
  • Comprehensive reminder function to have full control of the handling process
  • Comprehensive overviews on the status of the invoice. 

  • Automatic matching of invoices based on purchase orders. Possibility to save upto 70% on your invoice processing costs
  • No more misplaced invoices during the approval process
  • Decrease in the total turnaround time, resulting in savings when cash discounts are given
  • Insight into the status of an invoice throughout the entire process. The‘Audit Trail’gives a full understanding of the total approval process of the invoice
  • Intermediary postings into Dynamics365 provide an insight in future expenses and required liquidity
  • Availability of  a digital invoice archive allowing for convenient searches by managers and employees 
  • Quickly and accurately answer questions from your suppliers about unpaid invoices 
  • Comprehensive reports