Logistical Hierarchies

  • D365 for Finance and Operations

Companies with multiple warehouses and store locations often struggle with the management of inventory on-hand records and the ability to access and filter record information under changing circumstances. This leads to inefficiencies, wasted time, and lost revenue.

By defining a hierarchy, users can group sites and warehouses and efficiently filter inventory on-hand records to display only the relevant sites and warehouses. 


Logistical Hierarchies helps streamline your logistics, providing relevant information with meaningful hierarchies based on your unique business. 

With Dynamics Software Logistical Hierarchies, sites and warehouses can be structured to ensure only relevant on-hand information is displayed to the user by offering a hierarchy structure of sites and warehouses. A user can also define a hierarchy based on the purpose of the warehouse such as inventory, transfer or quarantine. 

  • The key feature of the Logistical Hierarchies solution is the functionality that enables a user to filter the on-hand information to the sites/warehouses setup in the selected logistical hierarchy. 
  • Logistical Hierarchies can provide significant value for companies that are using many sites and warehouses. By using logistical hierarchies, it can be specified which sites and warehouses are relevant to the user and only those will be displayed when searching for an item in the on-hand inventory overview. 
  • If a company uses many warehouses within a country, a sales employee can efficiently provide the customer with information about which items can be delivered from a nearby warehouse by defining a hierarchy that shows that information. 
  • For situations where the company uses multiple warehouses for different purposes (e.g. Inventory, transfer and quarantine), it is also possible within Logistical Hierarchies to create a hierarchy based on the warehouse purpose. 
  • Within Logistical Hierarchy, there is also a possibility to setup multiple different hierarchies according to user preferences and attach them to either a site or a warehouse. 

  • Provision for distinct and efficient on-hand inventory filtering to specify only relevant sites and warehouses
  • User defined hierarchy structure
  • Provision to create as many as needed levels of sites and warehouses within a hierarchy
  • Filter records displayed in on-hand inventory for items
  • Group sites/warehouses based on purpose and geographical locations 
  • Hide sites and warehouses that are not relevant to the situation to eliminate irrelevant information