Integrated Customer Relationship Management

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  • CRM2013
  • CRM2015
  • CRM2016

From a marketing lead to a satisfied customer – it is perhaps the most important business process in every commercial organization. Do you want your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX to share up-to-date customer information, then we have the ultimate solution for you!

Dynamics Software Integrated Customer Relationship Management from enables you to seamlessly share key information between CRM and AX. Whether your employees have to work mostly in CRM or AX – Integrated Customer Relationship Management ensures that both systems will be up-to-date. Always.


Most organizations these days have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for
recording customer and contact information as well as sales related information. To manage sales delivery and to track the invoice process, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is still required.

Software products are now coming together to your benefit: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales/Customer Service/Field Service/Project Service Automation/Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Dynamics Software Integrated Customer Relationship Management from enables you to seamlessly share key information between these products and ensures that all systems will be up-to-date. Always.

A simple way to understand the potential of Integrated Customer Relationship Management is to compare it with the climate control system in your home. Primarily, you want it just to work and maintain the temperature on a pleasant level with some basic controls such as a thermostat. This is exactly what Integrated Customer Relationship Management will provide you: ensuring the ‘climate system’ of your customer is up-to-date with some basic controls (called Jobs and Mappings). Of course, there is much more under the hood, but not visible to most average users.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management is fully integrated with Standard Dynamics 365 for Operations. Its features include:

  • Definition of mappings to relate various Dynamics 365 solutions
  • Simple field-to-field mappings
  • Complex mappings with support of classes
  • Compatible with every version of AX2012
  • Easy system monitoring tools
  • Flexible synchronization setup

Content Packs

The out-of-the-box solution allows you to potentially map between every field in Dynamics 365. To save a lot of time and effort, also a number of Content Packs are available as add-ons. These Content Packs are:

  • Business Accounts and Contacts
    • this contains the basic mappings to give a kick start
  • Service Management Integration
    • especially designed for Dynamics Software Service Management users
  • Customer Transaction Integration
    • mapping of revenue and billing information
  • CRM Case
    • map a Dynamics 365 for Field Service case to a service call in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Value Conversions
Sometimes data mapping is more than just connecting two data entities in two different systems. Integrated Customer Relationship Management also supports Value Conversions, which allow you to combine field mappings with data conversions.

Dynamics 365 for Sales/Customer Service/Field Service/Project Service Automation/Marketing delivers the high quality customer relationship management tools needed to empower your sales, marketing and service initiatives. Find out how your business can benefit:

  • Share Information - Seamlessly share key information between Dynamics 365 with bi-directional support
  • Empower your sales and marketing – access archived data regarding past communications with clients and prospects to inform future interaction into your sales and marketing channels.
  • Have visibility over your campaigns – use Dynamics 365 to analyze the effectiveness of various campaigns and measure your success.
  • All your customers in one place – Dynamics 365 incorporates a simple dashboard system, with all prospect and customer information available in one, simple user friendly view. No searching through multiple tabs and windows, get to your customers right away.
  • Manage relationships from anywhere – let your working relationships go beyond the parameters of your office walls and working hours. With Dynamics 365 accessible via smartphones and tablet, manage your relationships from home, while travelling, where ever you are. Always put your customer first, not just during the 9-5.
  • Live and breathe the social world – don’t miss any online discussions with your customers. Utilize the Dynamics 365 social media analytics to see where your customers and prospects are active, and what they’re saying. Dynamics 365 also includes Yammer, so that your internal workforce can communicate efficiently and share crucial information.
  • Integrate into your business – information and documents produced by Dynamics 365 can be transferred to Microsoft SharePoint and be viewed by all employees.


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