Copy Released Product

  • D365 for Finance and Operations

For the wholesale and retail industries, it is common practice to create new products every day. To stay dynamic, real-time and event driven and optimize productivity, saving time during the creation process enables cost reduction.

Dynamics Software Copy Released Product is a powerful Dynamics Business Optimizer that saves significant time in the creation process of newly released products and their related data thereby enabling cost reduction.
With the manual process, the Catalogue Manager needs to fill many setup fields like the units, warehouse settings, item groups and prices. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations standard templates or retail categories can be used for quick creation of new released products. However related data like trade agreements, unit conversions etc. still need to be setup manually. Using Copy Released Product, the Catalogue Manager is able to determine which of the additional data should be copied from another (template) released product.


• Integration with product information management of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
• Option to choose which additional settings of a released item needs to be copied
• Integration with the standard attributes of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
• Applicable for service products, products and product masters


• Increase productivity
• Save time with the creation of new products
• Flexible solution
• Full integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 
• Easily create new items
• Easy to use and no additional configuration required

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