CRM Productivity Suite for Services

    Sharing knowledge and information in a smart way, better manage the commercial process and having customer contact history insights. That is what counts for you as professional service provider. You and your employees do not want to waste time on administrative activities. What you are looking for is a flexible and user friendly system which can support your business. Because of the possibility to access and control detailed information about each project, activity and task you can manage projects efficiently.

    Dynamics Software together with Dynamics CRM can deliver a customer experience like never before, transforming the business relationships you have, hitting new heights in customer service and satisfaction.

    CRM Essentials

    Dynamics CRM Essentials from Dynamics Software is a must-have base application with extensions to the out-of-the-box...  More

    CRM AX Integration Framework

    CRM AX Integration Framework from Dynamics Software enables you to synchronize data between Microsoft... More

    Service Management

    Service Management that works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an advanced Service... More


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