CRM Enterprise Essentials from Dynamics Software is a must-have base application with extensions to the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Lookup addresses with google maps
    • Store only normalized addresses
  • Auto-capitalize module for system and custom entities
  • Auto-numbering module for system and custom entities
  • Contact addressing with the right language and format
  • Workflow scheduling
  • Execute a workflow with a custom periodicity in all the records from a specific CRM saved view
    • Ideal for alerts, birthday reminders, contract expiration etc.
    • Possibility to define dynamic filters (example: cases with due date this week)
  • Custom workflow actions to extend the available operations in CRM workflows and dialogues
    • Delete records, share/unshare, get URL of records
    • Date functions (get difference between two dates, get week number, get quarter)
    • String Functions (get length, concatenate, replace, sub-string)
    • Math Functions (sum, rest, multiply, divide, round)
  • Star rating control
    • Give your form a better aspect by adding interactive star rate controls

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