Integrated Document Management

  • AX 2012
  • CRM 2013
  • CRM 2015
  • CRM 2016

Having a central storage location with secure yet easy access of business (critical) documentation is a challenge countless businesses face daily. Being able to easily share documents and enable multiple users to work in documents has a direct effect on the productivity and performance of any business.

Dynamics Integrated Document Management from Dynamics Software enables you to easily archive your business documentation in Microsoft SharePoint and enables collaboration between your employees to access and work in documents.

Managing daily business with intelligent organization and reducing physical storage, lowering costs, increasing time efficiency by sharing documents and having instant access to documents has never been easier!


  • a central storage location
  • secure yet easy access of business (critical) documentation
  • being able to easily share documents
  • enable multiple users to work in documents

Dynamics Software Integrated Document Management enables the efficient management of all kinds of business documents from sales confirmations, invoices, quotations, project calculations and more. Documents in their final version are archived in Microsoft SharePoint.

Integrated Document Management is fully integrated with Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Its features include:

  • Archiving of documents from AX 2012 to the Archive on SharePoint
  • Create collaboration sites directly from AX 2012 to share working documents
  • Compatible with every attachment option in AX 2012
  • Create powerful Smart Queries to view documents from multiple AX 2012entities
  • Office integration allows to easy upload documents or emails and –attachments – and retrieve them from AX 2012
  • Typical business characteristics (such as Customer number, Order number, Project) are stored as metadata
  • Configuration of your own archive categories
  • Reviewing of coded invoice lines can be automated by a review matrix assigning invoice lines based on ledger accounts, cost centers or projects or manually. In both cases using the AX 2012 client or the Enterprise Portal

  • Easy retrieve Sharepoint documents from anywhere in AX 2012
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Increase productivity
  • Centrally store and archive documents on SharePoint
  • Upload and retrieve from MS Outlook, Word, Excel etc.
  • Collaborate on documents with multiple users