Quality Advisory

    Dynamics Software, as supplier of your industry solutions can be anchored in your implementation project for various project advisory services with focus on quality and best practice. Project Quality Advisory Premier Services can be a formal role within one or more tracks of the project.

    As you work through the solution scoping, requirements, design assumptions, and implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution with your vendor of choice, you might want to evaluate project risk, help ensure quality, maximize performance, and optimize solution delivery to ensure the success of your project. With our quality assurance, we enhance implementation quality through architectural, technical, and project-governance reviews of your solution by taking into account your current and future business needs.

    With our quality assurance for Dynamics 365 we conduct independent reviews of your solution at discrete points during your implementation. The topics below are assessed:

    • The architecture and design of your Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution should address your needs
    • Your infrastructure should work with the Dynamics 365 Solution
    • The customization specifications should effectively follow recommended practices and align with the product road map
    • The performance and scalability should address your business needs at go-live
    • Your project-governance model should be strong enough to ensure top-quality delivery of the solution implementation

    Quality Advisory Premier Services for Dynamics 365 can provide an added layer of quality check through architectural, technical, and functional reviews in addition to project-governance expertise. Architects with deep knowledge of Dynamics365 will help you review the proposed architecture, design, customization, and performance of your solution. They can also assist you in maintaining optimal solution health and performance through these pro-active services. As part of any review, you will be provided a report that contains detailed findings and recommendations for enhancing your implementation.

    As a result of the detailed reviews of your Dynamics 365 implementation and disciplined project governance and delivery processes you should be confident that project outcomes will meet your business requirements effectively and maximize the return on your investment.