Warehouse Management with Polvo

    "ERP and WMS combined in one database, that’s where we’re going for"

    Implementing an ERP system in its own is a complex and time consuming project that can either have great successes or severe failure. To take it a step further imagine having to implement an ERP system in 5 different sites with an extensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). The Polvo Group did this in the Netherlands with success and is reaping the benefits today.

    Polvo needed to ensure it had one central database to gain visibility across all warehouses at their Moerdijk location. This was a high priority project that Polvo Group voiced and needed to implement without fail. “To accomplish this it was necessary to integrate the five existing ERP systems of all our location Leys, Kruyt, Lekkerkerker, Holtgrefe and Van der Stad into one new system", says financial director Jeroen Vermeer, who the key sponsor is for the project. “

    Tailor-made solution

    Vermeer: "Making choices was the foundation for the solution in 2009. From the beginning we wanted an ERP system who could combine WMS in one database. We needed a system that was user friendly, innovative and scalable for our growth plans. The ERP system had to deal with intercompany deliveries with our various sales labels. "The system needed to be sophisticated with its logistical planning for Polvo's new warehouse. It also had to be able to handle scanning, separate shelves and pallets, and be able to do ABC classification with the replenishment of bulk stock to pick locations. Vermeer: "We were able to accomplish and execute all our warehouse and logistical plans with Dynamics Software’s WMS solution and we’re very proud of that”.

    Working together

    Before starting the ERP implementation we had a complex ERP selection process. Vermeer: "We chose Microsoft Dynamics AX and HSO as our Microsoft partner because of their knowledge of our industry and business. They provided great insight on business processes that would allow us to enhance our overall performance in business and customer satisfaction. “But more importantly there was a personal and cultural click that gave us security and comfort in working with the HSO team.” Vermeer continues: ”HSO not only implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX but also implemented the WMS solution on time. Today we work completely paperless with real time information that is accurate and always available.


    In the past two years we went live on all 5 projects. Polvo converted Van der Stad, had a huge company restructuring and integrated at the same time the warehouses from, Kruyt and Lekkerkerker. Since then there has been continues development of Polvo’s logistical system to meet all demands. "Normally you do one project in a year. We did five in two years and almost according to plan", says Vermeer with a smile. “With 6,500 order lines per day, 30,000 items in stock with 8 different labels, it wasn’t a walk in the park. But within one and a half year we can proudly say that we have stock savings of over € 4 million. So it was definitely worth it”, states Vermeer. “As we all know an ERP implementation is never finished. We continuously train our staff to keep them sharp. New warehouse employees can work with the software and scan equipment almost immediately. We keep making efforts in improving our services towards our customers and steps to improve our logistical processes. It’s all about servicing our customers and reducing our clerical errors. With Microsoft Dynamics AX and Real-Time Warehouse Management from Dynamics Software it has allowed us to improve our customer satisfaction, accomplish stock savings and deliver goods as promised.