Top 5 reasons for Enterprise Asset Management

    Traditional maintenance organizations worked paper based and continued to do so for a long time. By moving to automation, the companies created new opportunities to streamline their maintenance process. This step fundamentally changed the way assets can be maintained and secure capital that is embedded within. Nowadays more and more companies... Read more

    A central location for all operational data with Rental Equipment Management

    Asset Management is one of the biggest challenges for any Rental company. Assets often represent large capital value and are of utmost importance for the overall success of the company. Any Rental company needs to know everything about the assets rented out to customers. Whether the asset is an industrial machine or a scaffold tube, operational information is key... Read more

    The differences between Bulk, Serialized and Project Driven rental types

    To have a correct understanding of business processes within the rental industry, it is important to use definitions in the same context to assure one is talking about the same subject. In this document I will describe the differences between the various rental variants that are commonly used in the rental industry. In the rental industry we can roughly identify 3 main... Read more

    Strengthen Control Of All Asset Maintenance Costs

    Thriving in the global marketplace requires improving productivity while controlling every cost, including asset maintenance. You get the most out of your assets when diligently keep up maintenance on assets and boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Dynamics Software Maintenance Management can help optimize the operations process... Read more

    Service Management – Installed base records, the most important entity for any Service organization!

    Installed base management enables the representation of objects installed (for example Property, Machines, Equipment and much more) at your customer’s site/premise for which a service can be offered like billable work or service contracts. An installed base record can be a simple one level structure like a fire extinguisher or a multilevel object structure... Read more

    Up and Cross selling to increase overall Rental Revenue!

    Rental companies are always trying to increase their overall rental revenue. This can be done by increasing efficiency of the business model and in previous spotlight items I have explained how this can be achieved with a clear overview of the available rental fleet to optimize utilization. Another way of increasing the rental revenue is by inventing new... Read more

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