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    Thank you for reading our newsletter of January 2013! Fortunately, most of you are still there :-). Last month I wrote about the prediction of many people that the world would end on December 21, 2012. As you can read in my blog I believed we all would wake up on December 22, 2012, which indeed we did. Some people unsubscribed from our newsletter, but the majority is still there and there are new subscribers as well. Welcome to all of you.

    As we are heading towards the end of the winter time (at least in the northern hemisphere) we are approaching spring. Spring is always a period full of interesting Microsoft Dynamics events. This week there is the AXUG in Rome. Next week there is mAX 2013 in Rome, immediately followed by the U.S. Industry Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. Also the number of days to Convergence 2013 is counting down, a world ahead. All these events give us the chance to meet many of you in person. And there is nothing better than meeting people in person, in the end our business is still a people‚Äôs business.

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