What to expect in AX 2012 R2

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Present and Future Releases Driven By User Input: Hal Howard

    AX 2012 News - October 20, 2012

    Microsoft Dynamics AX R&D is working to meet two demands these days. On the one hand there are the needs of current customers, communicated to Microsoft through various channels. On the other hand, they have to look to the future and chart a course in their products that also fulfills Microsoft's broader vision for services and solutions in the style of a "business solution from Microsoft".

    This balanced view to the short and long term was reflected in today's presentation by Hal Howard, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics ERP engineering, who spoke to the AXUG Summit kickoff session today about Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and the AX roadmap into 2013, both for future releases on AX 2012 and the next major release.

    What to expect in AX 2012 R2

    Microsoft Dynamics AX customers are influencing R&D's decisions across a range of product areas in Dynamics AX 2012, from deployment tools to industry-specific capabilities to BI, and that input has had significant impact on the AX 2012 R2 release, scheduled for December 1.

    User input has influenced decisions as diverse as the improvements in the RapidStart tool set and the ability to run any combination of countries in a single AX instance, which "will vastly simplify the technology decisions you have to make," said Howard. Howard called out several improvements in AX 2012 R2 (also identified by some Microsoft officials at the event as AX 6.2)

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