The ultimate goal: Customer Satisfaction

    In today’s competitive Rental market it is important to focus on customer satisfaction as customers are the primary reason of the ongoing existence of any business. Rental companies face the hard fact that the customer’s perception of their service and quality is the reality (from a customer point of view). some believe that it is easier to keep your current customer happy than to attract new customers.

    It is important to give every customer an amazing customer experience which can result in buying more and spread the positive feeling about you through word of mouth marketing.

    If you reflect this way of customer thinking, in a Rental business, one of the most important areas where the overall customer satisfaction can be optimized is to give the customer all the information they may want at the right time in the right place. It is also equally important to make the 'Renting' process for a customer as quick and as easy as possible to give them that 'amazing experience'.

    With this in mind, it is important to share information about your fleet availability when a customer requests rental equipment. Rental companies also need to assure customers that their order entry process is quick and reliable. In the new release of Dynamics Software Rental Management RMS400 CU 9 we have improved our enhanced capabilities to visualize availability in our Rental Solution. From this release onwards, the Graphical plan board is also enhanced with a 'quick order entry' functionality.

    Graphical Planning

    With the Graphical Planning functionality within Dynamics Software Rental Management, any user can easily create an availability overview. In the Graphical plan board it is possible to filter easily on rental equipment attributes like: make, category, on and off-rent date/time, warehouse, options, accessories, etc. After applying the filters the Graphical plan board will show the equipment that meet the applied filter and will display if equipment is available or not.

    When a customer request to rent equipment, you can easily apply the filter and inform your customer if there is availability. The Graphical plan board can also display the availability for multiple warehouse, which helps in assuring that the customer will be able to rent the required equipment.

    Quick Order Entry

    In the new release of Dynamics Software Rental Management RMS400 CU 9, we have introduced Quick order entry as a new feature for the Graphical plan board. This new feature enables our customers to quickly create a new rental order directly from the Plan board. You can easily apply filters to search for equipment, select the applicable equipment and directly create the Rental order. This way of working reduces the number of steps to create a Rental order to ensure your customer will receive their equipment as soon as possible.

    Availability check on line level

    Dynamics Software Rental Management additionally offers a user the option to perform availability checks during the creation of a Rental Order/Rental Quotations. The user have two options to quickly perform an availability check:

    • Check availability for a line/all lines, the system displays per lines if equipment is available or not with a tick checkbox (available) or a red cross (not available)
    • Availability planning, the graphical availability planning will open pre-filtered on the items which is entered on the rental/quotation line. The user then has the option to add a specific equipment to the rental order/quotation (this is not mandatory)

    The ultimate goal: Customer Satisfaction

    This information at your fingertips facilitates the way of Customer thinking in the Rental business and improves overall customer satisfaction by giving the customer all the information they want at the right time in the right place!

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    Tim Hermans

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