Ten Years of excellence, internet of things and magical thinking

    This month started with April Fool’s day on April 1. 13 years ago our oldest daughter was born on this fool’s day in 2002. It happened to be a public holiday in the Netherlands as it was Easter Monday.

    So, for us, it turned out to be a not so foolish day. My parents thought I was kidding when I called them to tell them that they had a new granddaughter (she was born almost 2 weeks earlier than expected). Since then, every April 1st, is a day of celebration in Veldkamp House. The joke appeared not to be a joke. There are many good April Fool’s day jokes, just search on YouTube and you can laugh for a while. Have you ever wondered what would happen if something that sounded too good to be true actually turned out to be real – especially on April 1? For one New Zealander, daring to dream big on April Fool’s Day paid off handsomely this morning:

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