Sustainability & Information Bias

    Monisha asked me a couple of weeks back if I could write a new blog with deadline first week of June. Huh? I thought I wrote my previous blog only 2 days ago… and I have so many deadlines going towards Microsoft’s end of fiscal. The most important deadlines now are customer related deadlines, so I have to set priorities, not sure if I can make it in time. I have no time, I need 5 quarters in an hour, 120 hours in a day, 25 days in a week, and 185 weeks per year. My blog readers might think we finally get a short blog. Well, please excuse the length of this blog; I do not have time to be brief. :-)

    More and more I get the feeling that time is running faster than I can and probably that is true of getting older. Yes, my last personal running record is from long ago, but I don’t care about PR’s that much anymore. I don’t wear watches anymore as the actual time is on my phone and Segal’s law says that a man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure. Another trouble with our times is that the future is not what it is used to be (Paul Valery). And looking at my inbox does not make happy too:

    1274 unread emails and managing the inbox is already filling a normal day, even deleting 4678 emails unread. I think the feeling of lacking time is partly caused by the information overload reaching us these days which in itself is probably partially caused by a bias I will get back to later. If we look to the micro world of IT and business applications, things like Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Digital Transformation, Social Business, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Data Gravity, Disruptive, Blockchain, Real-Time Stream Processing, Fast Data, Big Data, Data Science, Mobile Apps, Contextual Computing, Workplace Application Integration, so-called Low Code Platforms, Smart Agents/Chatbots, Adaptive Cybersecurity, Microservices Architectures, On-Demand Everything, X-As a Service, Wearables, Team Collaboration, Ambient Personalization and Fog Computing are terms thrown towards me on regular basis leading to infobesitas, lack of time and stress…….. That is a lot of difficult words and animals. As I am not an IT ‘techy’ it is hard to keep up and understand all these terms. If you want to know a bit more on this, here is an url explaining some:

    In our macro world things like El Niño, climate change, thunder storms, flooding in Europe and other areas, huge dryness in the horn of Africa, harvest failures, elections, civil wars, wars, terrorism, refugees, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and many other things rule the headlines.

    And now to the request on blogging about Sustainability…Read more

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