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    I keep in touch with many of my extended family members through Facebook.  Recently, one of my cousins, who worked in the agriculture and food business his entire career, posted a link to an article regarding the truth about children’s farming books.  The point of the article is that many children’s books don’t provide a realistic view of today’s agriculture and that most children today are 2-3 generations removed from a family farm.  Simply put, they don’t know where their food really comes from.  Well, this got me to thinking a bit about technology.  Do today’s millennials know where their technology comes from?

    One of the most exciting parts of my job is listening to customers and prospects talk about their businesses.  They talk about them almost as endearingly as their children.  Everyone is proud of their accomplishments and what they do in the marketplace every day.  These conversations provide great insight into their technology (or lack thereof) and supply chains that reach around the world.

    I am one of the more senior (age wise) members of the Dynamics Software staff and consider myself the Company curmudgeon, raconteur, and Grandpa.  Some of our staff members are young enough to be my grandchildren.  And of course I entertain them with stories about the good old days before computers, laptops, mobile phones and the internet.  Most people today are 2-3 generations removed from where technology started (  Did you know the technology that runs today’s computers and mobile phones came from the algorithms developed for the atomic bomb (

    So back to those children’s book.  They paint a rather simplistic view of today’s fully integrated agricultural supply chain that includes animal and plant DNA research, soil and climatic monitoring, mechanized nurturing, planting, harvesting, and high tech processing techniques.  You just go to the local store or café and get your dinner, right? Today’s technology marketplace has a very similar fully integrated supply chain of product managers, developers, manufacturers, marketers, and support personnel.  The simplistic technology view is that you go to the local phone store or kiosk, pick up a new phone, log on to the phone’s app store and download the latest apps.  Today’s millennials summon a ride on their Uber app, book a dinner table on Open Table, and pay for it all with their mobile phone invented by Martin Cooper ( without a second thought as to where that technology came from or how it was all put together for their convenience.

    Dynamics Software is an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics technology supply chain. We supply technology to diverse companies in the agricultural and technology supply chains as well as many others. Our Service Management solution is used by companies that service equipment and machinery in greenhouses where food is grown and by companies that service refrigeration equipment in groceries and other commercial food operations. Our Maintenance Management solution is used by a large European baker to perform maintenance on all their baking and packaging equipment and in the Americas by a Commercial Poultry Processor to perform maintenance on their machinery. It is also used to maintain biomedical research instruments and to maintain cutting edge manufacturing technology for electric vehicle batteries. 

    In what supply chain does your business operate?  What type of interesting customers and technology do you work with? We’d love hear from you about it!

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