Successful start of 2013

    Company news - January 22, 2013

    Great new projects and customers

    We and some of our partners started the year 2013 very successfully. We are happy to share some great project and new customers with you. We congratulate our partners Proware France, iStone Mercator, HSO Netherlands and Tectura U.S., and we welcome Bong, OldCastle, Paardekooper Group and Sepro Robotique as new customer.

    Bong AB (Sweden)

    Great success for our partner iStone Mercator in Sweden. They are going to implement Graphical Planning & Scheduling at Bong AB in Sweden and Germany to support their planning process. Bong delivers products and services to warp goods and correspondence in professionalism. Products like envelopes, packaging materials, gift bags and more for online and offline businesses, professionals, and retailers.

    Bong delivers anywhere and everywhere in Europe, anything from a single carton to an entire truckload to a pan-European fulfillment service. We congratulate iStone Mercator with this new project and we welcome Bong as a new customer.

    Paardekooper Group (Netherlands)

    The Paardekooper Group, a major player in the field of packaging and with companies like Paardekooper, Depa, Halma Packaging and Plastics Mecari, where looking for a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that would bring more synergies to the different companies. The company chooses Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Real-Time Warehouse Management as their new platform. Partner HSO is the implementation partner. We congratulate HSO with this new project and welcome to Paardekooper Group  as a new WMS customer.

    Oldcastle® (United States)

    Partner Tectura U.S. is going to implement Graphical Planning & Scheduling for Production at Oldcastle. Oldcastle, Inc. is the North American arm of CRH, plc and the largest manufacturer of building products and materials. Together with Belgium company Plaka Group and supplier Halfen in Germany Oldcastle is the third CRH company working with our software. Oldcastle operations include more than 1900 locations in 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Oldcastle has 35,000 employees. We congratulate Tectura with this new project and welcome Oldcastle as new customer.

    Sepro Robotique (France)

    French partner Prodware and Sepro Robotique went into an agreement to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Service Management of Dynamics Software. Sepro offers a full range of robots to satisfy customer's specific needs in sectors like the Plastics Industry, Automotive, Packaging, Telephone and Graphical Industry. With worldwide presence Sepro Robotique successfully supports international projects. We congratulate Prodware with this new project and welcome Sepro as new Service Management customer.  

    There are more successes to mention, but it's too early or not appropriate to communicate company names.

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