Some new customers, partners and projects

    Company news - September 24, 2012

    Analis SA (Belgium)

    Analis SA has recently chosen Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as their new ERP platform. Belgium partner NSI IT Software & Services is going to implement AX 2012 and our Industry Solutions Service Management. Analis is a distributor of laboratory instruments and commits itself to the supply and support of laboratory equipment. Analis is primarily oriented towards research activities, life science & biotechnology, medical in vitro diagnosis and industrial quality control. Analis website states: “Providing a High Level of Service to your lab that's our priority”. Microsoft Dynamics AX amplified with Service Management Analis will realize and improve customer satisfaction levels.

    Gaco Western, Inc. (United States)

    CPA & Consulting firm Armanino McKenna LLP is going to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the solution Graphical Planning & Scheduling of Dynamics Software at Gaco Western. Gaco Western is one of the oldest and best respected manufacturers of elastomeric coatings and polyurethane foam for the construction and waterproofing industries. With manufacturing plants in Tukwila, Washington and Waukesha, Wisconsin, Gaco Western employs a total of over 70 people in its corporate and central offices. We congratulate Armanino McKenna LLP with this new project and welcome Gaco Western as customer.

    Groupe Devos Vandenhove (France)

    France partner Prodware and technical service provider Groupe Devos VandenHove entered into an agreement to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics Software solutions Service Management and Graphical Planning. With this additional software it’s going to be easier for DV’s employees and customers to connect to service information. DV is based in France and has specialized it selves in electromechanical -, electronic - and predictive maintenance of technical installations in several industries.  Welcome Groupe Devos VandenHove as new customer and congratulations to Prodware with this new project.

    There are more successes to mention, but it's too early or not appropriate to communicate company names.

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