If you need to write something in November there are a lot of interesting topics to write about. You can write about year progressing, what to expect the coming years, about events, trends, cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, new product releases and much, much more.

    But if you are in the software business there is certainly 1 topic which you should touch and that is Sjoemelsoftware. One of Satya Nadella’s statements I like most is the one he mentioned at Convergence US earlier this year “Every business will become a software business” and that is 100% true.

    This is a quote made as part of his speech on business transformation, disruption and how the Internet of Things will drive to change business models. He meant business models and software business in a good way, not the change of business model in a bad business. Even in a good business there is the risk of using software in a bad way.

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