Silly Season, piles of paper, lost emails and Integrated Document Management!

    It’s silly season in the US as we are approaching our quadrennial Presidential election. Based on comments heard just about everywhere, most people are already sick and tired of the mudslinging and haranguing from both Candidates, Political Parties, Supporters, and the Press. So I’ll keep this post as bi-partisan as possible and focus on one issue that really sets each Candidate apart. And that issue is email security or lack thereof.

    As Secretary of State for four years, Hillary Clinton seems to have sent so many emails that she can’t find them all. She is like all those addicts you see in the airport walking while texting or emailing.  Donald Trump on the other hand doesn’t even use email. In fact, his desk is devoid of a computer of any sort. He apparently has assistants who take care of that detail for him.


    There is also controversy over the security of Clinton’s email and the location of her private email server in her home’s basement.  Regardless of politics, most IT professionals would see this as a bad situation from the start that could only get worse. And on top of that, she “apparently” “lost” over 44,000 emails (that’s only 30+ emails a day based on her time as Secretary of State). No worries though, hackers as well as government investigators have been painstakingly finding those emails over the past year and recovering what Ms. Clinton “lost”. So of those “lost” emails have even been posted on the internal for all to see. Yikes! 

    The mess on Trump’s desk brings back memories of Watergate and the plumbers who broke into the Democratic Party Headquarters and rifled through files taking pictures of documents. That is so last century now. I am sure those Trump documents reside on a hard drive somewhere. Whether it is secure or not is another question to be answered. 

    So you ask what does all this have to do with Dynamics Software? Integrated Document Management that’s what!  Dynamics Software offers an Integrated Document Management solution that works with a variety of Microsoft Products to enable Document Management for both internal employees and external business partners. It is Microsoft SharePoint based so it uses Active Directory for user authentication and security and sits behind your firewall where prying eyes can’t easily hack it and cause miss-jiff and mayhem. Users can easily retrieve any of the centrally stored SharePoint documents from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics AX or any of the Dynamics Software add-on solutions (Rental, Service, Maintenance). The Dynamics Software Integrated Document Management solution enables collaboration among employees and business partners through email and hyperlink access as well as version tracking and archiving.

    If Ms. Clinton had been using Microsoft based solutions including Office365, SharePoint server, and Dynamics Software Integrated Document Management, when the FBI, DOJ, and Senate came calling asking for the emails and related documents, she could have simply given them access as a business partner and provided them with all the information they requested. In Donald Trump’s case, if he were using Microsoft based solutions including Office365, SharePoint server, and Dynamics Software Integrated Document Management, he could have electronically organized all that paper on his deck, used a large screen for viewing, made it easily accessible to his team and business partners, and saved a few thousand hectares of trees! All their emails and information could be secured in one of Microsoft’s 40+ data centers worldwide, secured from hackers behind layers of security, and backed up and archived across multiple locations making it easily retrievable should anyone “lose” something or a government agency asked to see it.

    How secure are your enterprise solutions, your enterprise data, and your internal or external data centers? Are hackers constantly pinging your firewall trying to find a crack they can exploit? Do your employees leak sensitive or confidential data either overtly or inadvertently? Are you using all the security tools that Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics Software Integrated Document Management provides? All our Dynamics Software solutions work inside of Dynamics AX and Azure and inherit all their security levels. During Dynamics Software solution demonstrations we are often asked about security levels. Dynamics Software can secure data down to the field level. However, I always ask how secure the enterprise as a whole is because securing down to the field level in AX or the Dynamics Software solution won’t improve any security breaches higher in the IT infrastructure.

    Wednesday, November 8th can’t come soon enough for me. I live in Ohio which is the birthplace of Presidents and holds the key to the electoral college votes for President. I’ve reduced my television watching just to avoid all the negative ads! As an IT professional or person responsible for your enterprise security, you simply can’t turn off all the noise. You must be vigilant everyday and make certain the infrastructure you have in place will properly provide security and support easy access for the appropriate employees and business partners so they can be as efficient and productive as possible. Give Dynamics Software a call and let us help you electronically secure and organize that mess on your desk and archive everything so it won’t get “lost” again. :-)



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