Rental Management New Release

    We have released a new version of Dynamics Software Rental Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9. This version delivers new features developed during some of our key collaborative development projects with our customers as well as several improvements of the solution.

    Dynamics Software Rental Management supports the full range of rental activi­ties, which includes administration, registration and management, as well as potential sales activities, orders and contracts. With our industry specific functionality, we are able to help our customers to optimize their processes which gives insight into assets and their availability to maximize efficiency.

    Key Functionalities:

    • Graphical availability planning
    • Rental Objects
    • Extended Rental Kits functionality
    • Fuel transactions
    • Mobile coverage for Pre-Rental and Post-Rental inspections
    • Full integration with the latest Dynamics Software Service Management release 
    • Rented as functionality

    With this new release, an added benefit for you as a customer is that you now have one partner that can support all areas of your rental and service organization. From the rich back office functionality of Dynamics Software Rental Management to the mobile capabilities of Dynamics Software Mobile Service Management, Dynamics Software can help streamline and optimize your Rental organization. In combination with our Premier Services we can offer you proven solutions and experienced consultants who can implement and optimize your service organization.

    Contact us to find out how our solutions can amplify your business today!

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