Proud Partner of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

    We are proud to announce that we are an official partner of Microsoft PowerApps and flow. The inclusion of these compelling elements offers greater flexibility and the ability to use connections, workflows and templates with ease. This facilitates the development of end to end solutions and a deeper business process expertise revolutionizing how business is done with data. It offers the ability to craft and mould solutions according to business requirements thereby providing a unique, reusable and a value adding solution.

    We aim to assist our customers to get the most from their investments by increasing their efficiency and performance to help them achieve a true digital transformation in their business.

    The PowerApps are easy to integrate and are compatible across several platforms and devices. The provision of strong connectors helps in connecting easily across multiple platforms as well as some common third party services.

    Flow allows end-users to create workflows across several services and increases automation and ensures smooth execution. The inclusion of condition logic and triggers saves time and helps in execution of several steps with the click of a button.

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