Productivity Paradox

    The first blog I am writing since a remarkable Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC 2016) followed by a nice holiday with my family in France and Spain.

    WPC 2016 was remarkable in many aspects. It was good to hear and see Microsoft being very consistent in their strategy to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more by creating more personal computing, reinventing productivity & business processes and building the intelligent cloud platform.

    I have written about Microsoft’s marketing before, but I especially like the chosen words on reinventing productivity. I get back to that later. For me the main takeaways of this year’s WPC were:

    • The Dynamics 365 announcement with its common data model which I think is a potential threat for integrated solutions. Slowly I see a trend towards best of breed solution (again) with interfaces to ERP above ERP integrated or embedded solutions. This is an answer to the general desire of customers to no longer be hijacked by a 1 or 2 year ERP implementation. Quick wins and ROI! The common data model enables connecting BoB with ERP and is a trend we have seen fluctuating over the past years/decennia. From best of breed to integrated to best of breed back to integrated to best of breed to integrated to best of breed based on common data model. It has been and will always be a challenge to interface solutions, not only initially but continuously. Let’s see if it is less complex with the common data model. In each change there is a threat and an opportunity.

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