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    Dear reader,

    Thanks for reading our September 2013 newsletter. It has been a while since our June 2013 newsletter. Most people in the northern hemisphere enjoyed summer holidays and people in some parts of the southern hemisphere enjoyed winter holidays. Just before the summer holidays more than 13,000 people attended the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston. On day 1, Steve Ballmer announced the transition of Microsoft becoming a devices and services company. Behind the scenes there were a lot of talks about the re-organization Microsoft would announce right after the event, the beginning of their new fiscal year. The impact of the transition is now probably on people’s minds and probably also on Steve’s mind since he recently announced his transition from CEO to retirement. Maybe he came up with this idea during his well-deserved holiday?

    I enjoyed my holidays in Sardinia, Italy very much. It is a beautiful island and if you imagine paradise, some areas of Sardinia could very well fit in that picture. I hope to go back there again. We traveled to Sardinia by car and ferry and from the Netherlands this takes some time which meant we spent 2 nights staying in hotels on the way to Sardinia. Fortunately we had confirmed reservations prior to our trip, so we had guaranteed rooms. 1 night we had a very good experience and the other night…was not so good. I wished we had never booked that hotel. The next morning I heard another customer saying when leaving: “Yours is a very bad hotel!”.

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