Polvo Group: The main benefit is in our performance

    Polvo Group in the Netherlands is in the wholesale construction market and have implement the Real-Time Warehouse Management Solution (RTWMS) for Microsoft Dynamics AX from Dynamics Software. The Polvo Group is now 100% automated and has one centralized integrated ERP and Warehouse Management System. While filming our case study on the Polvo Group, we learned some amazing achievements they have made using the Dynamics Software RTWMS which include:

    • Euro 4.5 million reduction in inventory
    • Above target on fault reduction rate
    • Value-added logistics with real-time information
    • New staff up and running in less than 10 minutes
    • New brands set up in less than 1 day

    Jeroen Vermeer, CFO of the Polvo Group commented "The main benefit is in our performance. We are able to do what the customer asks, and deliver what the customer asks for, much better. Due to the Real-Time Warehouse Management Solution from Dynamics Software, it is nearly impossible to do things wrong." 

    Watch the video to find out more! Read more about Dynamics Software Real-Time Warehouse Management Solution.

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