On the move!

    Thank you for reading the Dynamics Software April 2013 newsletter!

    It has been a while since you heard from us.  Our last newsletter was from end of January. I hope you missed our newsletters…

    There was a reason for not sending out news: we were on the move. I was personally on the move attending the US AX Industry Summit in Phoenix in February and Convergence in March and a small holiday winter break with my family. Our former Director Marketing was on the move as well, but did not come back to us. I thank him for the work he did for us and wish him good luck in his new job. At the same time I am honored to work with Monisha Ferreira as our new Director of Marketing and Communication. Monisha brings a lot of international experience and background and I can tell you she is pushing me to write this introduction and blog and I am happy with it, because I needed it. Of course I hope you like it as well.

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