New partnership with Brazilian partner Group i9

    A Dutch AX Specialist in Brazil

    Company news - January 30, 2013

    Brazil, as one of the BRIC Countries, has the largest economy in South America and well developed agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors. Since 2003, Brazil has improved its macroeconomic stability, built foreign reserves, reduced debt, kept inflation rates under control and committed to fiscal responsibilities. After witnessing unprecedented economic growth in 2007 and 2008, the global financial crisis finally hit Brazil. However, Brazil is one of the first emerging markets to stage a recovery, with growth returning to positive levels.

    Dynamics Software is aware of the opportunities in South America is very pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Brazilian partner Group i9, also known as I9 Tecnologia e Inovação Empresarial. They have a Dutch AX Specialist on board, Edwin Zuidema. Let’s ask him some questions.

    Edwin, a Dutch AX Specialist in Brazil, tell me more.

    i9 and Qurius (my former employer) are part of a strategic alliance. In April 2011 I visited i9 and they explained to me their way of working of implementing AX projects and maintain a good customer relationship after go-live. I was impressed with their approach and kept contact since that time. Between my visit and my return in April 2012 the company expanded from 50 employees to over 230 employees. They invited me to help to gain and share AX2012 knowledge (which is only available in Brazil since December 2012), develop a Product strategy & vision, and help improving the internal processes to allow for a stable growth and an improved project revenue. I started to work at i9 in July 2012 and am running several improvement projects at the moment.

    What are the biggest differences between The Netherlands and Brazil business wise?

    In Brazil business relationships are built between persons, not between companies. Brazilians are also less direct and straightforward compared to Dutch people, but more interested in the person behind the company. Usually it takes a few meetings before you can discuss business, while in The Netherlands we have the habit to start to talk about it as soon as possible. One of the biggest differences I experience here is the fact that in Holland an appointment is an appointment, at a given time, and in Brazil they have the tendency to make more loose appointments or showing up later than a Dutch person would expect. But business wise, word is word, no problem there. Also I have to admit that i9 is one of the exceptions here in Brazil by looking ahead for the next 5 years, since most native Brazil companies are not used to do long term planning (part of the culture of Brazil).

    What convinced you and Group i9 to partner up with Dynamics Software?

    The products we selected that Dynamics Software offers for AX are a good match for our target markets. Since our strategy is aimed at covering as much of the customers’ requirements with additional products and proven solutions, Dynamics Software is a good choice for us. We also like their approach of building software products by extending standard AX functionality as much as possible, which makes the result easier to integrate and more clear to customize where needed. Especially when dealing with the Brazilian localization this is a big advantage.

    Were there more reasons that accelerated the partnership?

    From the first moment I made contact by e-mail I had the pleasant experience of dealing with a company that knows what they are doing, by handling all requests and questions in a quick and professional way, and helping us building a partnership in a long-term way. They showed their years of experience with AX product development and building partner relationships each time we were in contact.

    What are the plans for Group i9 in the year 2013?

    The partnership with Dynamics Software comes together with an important consolidation moment for Group i9. With a peerless growing for the last 6 years, 2013 is a year with a 100% focus on stabilizing references. Different than the other years where Group i9 grew with lots of new employees and new customers, in 2013 the Group i9 wants to focus on transforming each customer in a world class reference. This challenge would not be better than combined with Dynamics Software partnership. Group i9 believe the achievement of 2013 results will be more effective considering the values of both companies around the market, creating a better Dynamics ecosystem. 

    Dynamics Software Managing Director Eric Veldkamp: “I had a personal goal once and that goal was to have customers in South America. South America is the only continent we don’t have customers enjoying our solutions yet despite the available Spanish and Portuguese versions of our software. Building a good installed base for an ISV starts with working with good partners. They help us realizing our goals. Group I9 has proven to be a strong partner in Brazil and I’m happy to welcome them as new partner. Working with partners like Group I9 allows us to get entry in Brazil, one of the strongest growing countries. With the release of AX 2012 in Brazil and the impact on maintaining standard products, Group I9 will invest in localizing the product for the Brazilian market as well as promoting our Industry Solutions to their clients and potential clients. We are excited about this partnership and together we will bring more success and help realizing our goals for the Brazilian market”.

    About Group i9
    Group i9 is a group of companies specialized in the Microsoft technology platform. Each company is specialist in the solution in which it operates and can support customers in a broad way. Group i9 seeks the best solution for each one of its clients by understanding their specific needs. Group i9 offers Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Infrastructure and Microsoft SharePoint.

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