New! Dynamics Software Mobile Maintenance Solution

    The Dynamics Software Mobile Maintenance Solution offers a complete new experience in working with Microsoft Dynamics® AX from a mobile phone or a tablet. This allows mobile users to use AX from anywhere without having to carry additional devices. But also for employees moving across the premises (such as maintenance workers) can have access to accurate data from anywhere without looking for a PC.

    Besides mobile access to AX, the Dynamics Software Mobile Maintenance Solution also supports bar code scanning, capturing pictures that can be shared with AX, viewing user manuals or work instructions and more. As the Mobile Maintenance solution is entirely stateless, every action taken in the framework is recorded in a central database allowing users to continue their work from any device, everywhere. Should you lose your internet connection, you can continue where you left off the moment you re-instate your connection, or simply continue the process where you left off from another device.

    But what’s more: just like in AX, it is possible to configure your user interface and add new fields or remove fields that are not used, so you can focus on information that is relevant! This has been made flexible and easy, so it is just a matter of updating the configuration and no additional programming is involved.

    The new Mobile Maintenance Solution is based entirely on AX technologies and integrates seamlessly with all business processes available in AX. Third-party software working with Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated and used by the Mobile Maintenance Solution as well. This makes the Mobile Maintenance Solution from Dynamics Software a great tool for customers who would like to make their business available to all users on-the-go.

    And needless to say: it runs on all popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

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