Martens Plastics experiences 15% productivity increase!

    Customer Martens Plastics, a supplier of piping systems for the professional market and retail market has increased their productivity with 15% and reduced the amount of mis-pickings by 75%. Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics Software Warehouse Management and a Dalosy voice picking system has enabled Martens Plastics to have real-time insight into its stock and therefore improved management of activities such as number of completed orders and reliability of delivery.

    In the warehouse of Martens Plastics, it is always incredibly busy. Forklifts, reach trucks and order pickers collect and deliver the right products at the right locations. It might seem a bit chaotic from a distance, but every driver and order picker knows exactly what they are doing. The logistic processes are executed smoothly and efficiently now but it was not always like this.


    “Our logistic processes haven’t always ran this smoothly,” says Cock Engelhart, Logistics Manager at Martens synthetics. “The warehouse processes were carried out from paper. Colleagues were shouting to each other to fill empty shelves. All these things led to chaos. For instance, products were picked from wrong locations, or they were picked from the right location, but then that location would contain the wrong products. Sometimes we ran out of grab stock for a certain product, while there was still bulk stock available. Because of this, products would sometimes not be delivered or order pickers would have to wait for the shelves to be refilled. Sometimes even loading the trucks would go wrong because we forgot a pallet." All of this causes unpleasant situations, of course. Engelhart: “Customers are displeased when they do not get what they ordered. Wrong products had to be sent back and the right products had to be delivered later, a time-consuming and expensive process.”


    This could not go on any longer. “Together with HSO, our partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX, we described the warehouse processes. We evaluated which processes could be automated, from the arrival to the departure of the products,” says Engelhart. “By the deployment of barcode scanning and voice picking we wanted to leave the chaos, the mistakes and picking from paper behind us – for good.”


    After development, implementation and testing, it was time to see the solution work in practice. “Everything is real-time now. In Microsoft Dynamics AX we can see where our forklifts and reach trucks are located, what the locations of our products are and which grab stock should be supplemented by bulk stock. Everything is visible within one tenth of a second,” says Engelhart. “as soon as a product arrives, it gets recorded in Dynamics AX. A forklift gets the order to fetch the product and to take it to the right location in the bulk stock. During this process we can precisely see whether the products are at location A, or on their way with forklift X, or placed in location B. When grab stock for the order pickers starts to run out, the right forklift receives a signal to refill the product. It is constantly clear where every product is located. During the loading of trucks, everything is now being scanned and loaded in the right order. When the shipment is complete and every label is scanned, the administration will see this in Dynamics AX and subsequently print the documents, so that the driver can leave with the right delivery notes.”


    This continuous insight in stock and stock movement has brought Martens Plastics several amazing results. Engelhart proudly tells us: “Mistakes are occurring less and less. The amount of mispackings has declined with 75%, and our productivity has increased with 15%. We work more effectively and have real-time insight in our stock. Customers, sales teams and stock managers are very content, because we have accurate visibility of our stock, which makes our stock capabilities maintainable and our reliability of delivery better. But most of all, our order pickers and forklift/reach truck drivers are happy with the new solution, they enjoy working with it. The warehouse automization is working well now; the entire image is complete.

    In summary:


    • Incorrect shipments
    • Ineffectiveness
    • Mis-pickings
    • Chaos



    • 75% less mis-pickings
    • 15% increase in productivity
    • Improved reliability of delivery
    • Real-time visibility

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