Integrated Customer Relationship Management with Itho Daalderop

    Dynamics Software is delighted to share that Itho Daalderop successfully went live with our Integrated Customer Relationship Management Solution

    Itho Daalderop is a leading Dutch manufacturer and developer of house ventilation systems (with and without heat recovery), condensing boilers, hot water tanks, boiling water taps, solar thermal systems/panels and heat pumps (water to air and water to water). All these products have the highest level of comfort, health and the best energy efficiency. Together they realize an optimal indoor climate. 

    Itho Daalderop had previously implemented AX2012 enhanced with Dynamics Software Service Management and recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with the Dynamics Software Dynamics 365 Integrator

    With these solutions Itho Daalderop has improved the support of their projects, Account Management, Marketing and Field Service with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and the Dynamics Software Dynamics 365 Integrator.

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