Group think, interchangebility and being indispensable

    At the moment of writing this blog it was announced in the news that 7 FIFA officials were arrested during a FIFA meeting in Zurich. 7 more officials were arrested when police raided other locations. FIFA is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The arrested officials are indicted for corruption through two decades of shadowy dealing and $150 million in bribes.

    I can hardly imagine it is only $150 million in two decades in what today is a $5-6 billion business. Authorities described international soccer in terms normally reserved for Mafia families or drug cartels, and brought charges under racketeering laws usually applied to such criminal organizations. The officials were arrested in their nice and well-dressed suits and the arrests were hard to see for the rabble as they were screened by sheets. “We need more sheets” the hotel clerk  of Hotel Baur au Lac said.

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