Grafton Positive & Confident with Premier Services

    Dynamics Software is delivering Premier Services for the Grafton Group. Grafton Group plc is predominantly a UK and Ireland-based building materials group with 600 branches and a turnover of over £2 billion operating in the Merchanting, DIY Retailing and Mortar Manufacturing markets.

    Recently, Jolyon Ingham, Group IT Director for the Grafton Group, shared with us "We have found the team from Dynamics Software fully engaging and professional and we have achieved a great deal in a relatively short time giving us great confidence that our project will be a success and will add huge value to our businesses."

    At Grafton, based on the in-depth knowledge and experience of our Wholesale and Retail experts, Dynamic Software analysed, created and designed a new business kernel for Grafton Merchanting Great Britain (GMGB). This kernel is based on Solutions from Dynamics Software. Our Premier Services team is currently developing extra features that GMGB needs to enable execution of their unique omni-channel strategy and further extend their unique selling points. These features include:

    Advanced pricing management

    • Integrated Wholesale and Retail promotion pricing engine
    • Customer segment – product category strategic pricing
    • Enhanced vendor and supplier rebates and cashback management
    • Enhanced cost, margin and sales pricing engine, product and direct-order-based
    • Enhanced sales agreement features
    • Tree structured quotes

    Integrated POS-Solution with wholesale capabilities

    • Create direct purchase orders from the POS to capture vendor deals and transfer the deal to the POS-salesorder
    • Operator based insight in margin structure
    • Integrated store-cash management

    Advanced Product features

    • Integrated specials management
    • Advanced product search features that includes text search, filters, variants, attributes
    • Advanced Tallying 

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