Gaining the competitive edge

    Time goes fast. Microsoft is just about to close their fiscal year and to me it feels like the end of their last fiscal year was only yesterday! In our June 2012 newsletter I talked about decision making and made the analogy to sports. In that same newsletter, we also informed you on Aberdeen’s report on Best-in-Class companies gaining competitive edge in the marketplace using asset management strategies.  In this blog I’d like to take you more into ‘Gaining a Competitive Edge’ and will once again make a parable with the best viewed sport worldwide, Formula One.

    To have a competitive advantage, you must create an edge over your competitors. In the aggressive business world, especially in today’s economy, every advantage counts to establish your business at the top of your industry. Gaining a competitive advantage takes strategic planning and extensive research. Essentially a competitive advantage answers the question, “Why should the customer purchase from this operation rather than the competition?”

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