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    Company News - September 26, 2012

    Here some announcements from Dynamics Software. Most of them are messages for our partners. Read more about update plans for Hyper-V's and, for those who missed the messages in previous newsletters, read more about the new Dynamics Software pricelist and how to get a Role Tailored Questionnaire for Service Management.

    Hyper-V demo enviroments

    Dynamics Software is planning to update the Hyper-V demo environments of our industry solution in the coming two weeks. These hyper-V’s are based on the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX Hyper V’s which can be downloaded via partner source. The Hyper-V called ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 FP VM part A’ is used as a basis. These Hyper-V’s are upgraded to CU3 and completed with the Dynamics Software solutions and will become available in the coming two weeks via the familiar FTP-server (registered access only).

    "Interview Checklist" for Service Management available

    Dynamics Software offers its partners a Role Tailored Questionnaire (Interview checklist) for Service Management. The questions in this document are arranged by role and are intended to be used to gather information about Service Management Process, by interviewing the appropriate personnel within each role. The questions in this document are meant to focus on Service Management that is common to most every Service Management company.

    New Pricelist Dynamics Software

    There is also a new version of our Pricelist available. Partners with access to our FTP Server can find the list in the folder Marketing.

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