Dynamics Software supports Kili Explorer initiative

    Company News - July 31, 2012

    With a sponsorship Dynamics Software supports Kili Explorer, a fund raising project initiated by employees of Microsoft and partners. Their goal is to raise a total of € 250,000 to help 20,000 children in North Uganda, a war-affected area. 

    Kili Explorer is a five day journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. With a group of 50 people from Microsoft & Business Partners they will hike up the highest mountain of Africa, in support of War Child.

    Initiators Gijs de Witte, Thijs Nijkrake, Edgar van Denzel and Ties Arts started the project and are very proud to present the Kili Explorer. The funds that will be raised by the Kili Explorer will be donated to War Child. The expedition is from September 7 - 14. We wish all the team members the best of luck in reaching the top, for them and for War Child. 

    About War Child
    War Child’s goal is to empower children and young people in war-affected areas. The particular projects we are funding with the Kili Explorer are based in Uganda. The general aim of these projects is the improvement of the psychosocial well-being of children and youth who have been affected by the conflict in Northern Uganda. To achieve this goal, War Child is dedicated to help empower the children and youth of the region and to offer an environment where they are able to receive support and can live together peacefully. War Child will focus on the four program areas of psychosocial support, child-protection, education and peace building. Read more about War Child and its projects on their website.

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