Dynamics Software Support Services

    Dynamics Software recently announced a new Support Services Program which included the launch of a Support Portal. Support cases going from November 2016 need to be submitted via the Support Portal. Support Services from Dynamics Software includes:

    • Project Services
    • Training
    • Post-implementation support
    • Lifecycle Support
    • Improvements
      • Help Desk
      • Incident Management (remote)
      • Problem Management
    • Reporting


    What is new in Support Services from Dynamics Software:

    • Support of Submitted Incidents via a Support Portal
    • Response times between 2 hours -48 hours based on severity category and service hours
    • Service Hours –Business hours 8 hours per day, 5 days per week CET
    • Monthly reporting of incidents and solutions
    • Knowledge source with FAQ & soon to be released Resource Library


    Key benefits of Dynamics Software Support Services:

    • Ensure reliable operations of your business
    • Report Incidents 24/7
    • Receive faster response and incident solution
    • Receive regular overview of incidents & solutions to improve operations
    • Learn about
      • product releases
      • Updates and upgrades
      • known incidents
      • increase knowledge with FAQ section

    To find out more about our Support Services please contact us!

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