Dynamics Software launches Rental Management Solution

    Dynamics Software announced today the release of their Rental Management Solution that works with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The Dynamics Software Rental Management Solution provides strong rental functionality that gives companies in the rental sector a clear view of all current operational information in real time, enabling optimum performance. Dynamics Software virtually launched their Rental Management Solution today and it was well attended and received by subscribers worldwide.

    Eric Veldkamp, Partner & Managing Director at Dynamics Software said, "We are very proud to launch the Dynamics Software Rental Management Solution. It opens up a new business area for Dynamics Software. Further it gives us the opportunity to add value to our customers who already provide services and have the need for a rental solution as well. We foresee tremendous market potential and growth in the rental arena and with our integrated Rental Management Solution we will be able to continue with our ambition to amplify the Power of Microsoft Dynamics® AX across multiple industries and sectors and make our mark as the leading Microsoft Dynamics ISV for Microsoft Dynamics AX.”

    Rental companies play a crucial role in nearly all supply chains. By responding promptly and flexibly to customer needs, rental companies are able to provide temporary solutions that contribute qualitatively to the success of its clients. Rental companies often experience volatile demand as their services are sensitive to construction industry trends. Competition is intense and margins are being continually squeezed.

    The Dynamics Software Rental Management Solution supports the full range of rental activi­ties, for example administration, registration and management, as well as potential sales activities, orders and contracts. All information about clients, equipment, services, staff, contracts, partners, etc. is recorded and maintained in a single central database. Our solution offers a suite of multi-language and multicurrency financial and operations management applications that will deliver full control, measurement and analysis right across the business. Dynamics Software Rental Management has a range of ways of generating the required statistics, reports and summaries to provide accurate and up-to-date information which is essential in maximizing the return on rental activities.

    We contribute to the success of rental companies by enabling agility with our certified sector Rental Management Solution which offers many advantages including:

    • Improved efficiency and understanding by combining all business information in a single database
    • Once-only input and consistent data for sales/rental, scheduling, administration, logistics, etc.
    • A quick and accurate picture of the availability of equipment and  manpower
    • Access to accurate and up-to-date information, at all times, wherever you are
    • A robust information platform as the foundation for reliable supplies and error-free quotation and invoicing and
    • A variety of statistics and comprehensive management information for optimal control of all business activities.


    Read more about the Dynamics Software Rental Management Solution or Contact us for a demo today!

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