Dynamics Software Launches New Business Proposition

    During the Microsoft Convergence 2014 Europe event in Barcelona, Dynamics Software launched its new business proposition.

    Dynamics Software will provide business solutions which are industry and vertical focused and based on Microsoft Dynamics® AX as well as CRM, Office 365 and SharePoint. In addition, Dynamics Software will significantly expand its consulting offering, delivering Premier Services with domain experts focusing on value over volume with Business & Technology Services and Project Services.

    With this shift, Dynamics Software will be able to address todays customers needs by bringing product development closer to their customers where customers more and more look to the ‘source’ to implement. And by doing so, It will increase the quality of implementation projects with our strategic partners and accordingly fulfills the needs of customers.

    Expanded consultancy, project development and support services will bring close interaction between services and R&D, balancing investment with opportunity. In this way, Dynamics Software will be able to work closer together with Microsoft and its partners in all phases of the project and customer lifecycle developing and implementing sustainable solutions that deliver results for customers.

    “Traditional ISV’s are experiencing challenging times to stay in business if they only do what they have always done, said Peter ter Maaten, CEO Dynamics Software. Customers today do not only purchase Microsoft Dynamics AX alone, they also invest in Microsoft CRM, Office 365 on premise and in the cloud. By offering more industry and vertical focused agile solutions and premier services via domain experts, Dynamics Software will be closer to the market by working at the customer, in tune with market needs and shortening development cycles.”

    “At Microsoft Convergence 2014 Europe, Microsofts customer conference in Barcelona, we are launching several new services and products to meet today’s customer needs. The new Dynamics | Fashion label, is a nice example of our ambition to offer an ERP-solution addressing the needs of a very specific industry. In this case apparel, fashion and lifestyle retailers. Another example is launching Dynamics CRM Productivity to meet the increasing demand for Dynamics CRM based industry solutions”, added Eric Veldkamp, Head of Global Sales & Marketing Dynamics Software.

    Dynamics Software offering will include:

    • Dynamics Service – Turning your service organization from a cost center into a profit center
    • Dynamics Maintenance – Increasing overall equipment effectiveness with optimized up-time & utilization
    • Dynamics Rental – Maximizing use, utilization & tracking of assets and driving rental revenue with additional services
    • Dynamics Fashion – Business accelerating solutions for the Fashion industry
    • Dynamics CRM Productivity – Outsell your competitors across all channels
    • Dynamics ERP Productivity – Adding value to your ERP implementation
    • Premier Services – advice, consultancy and support for all phases of the solution life cycle

    For more information, watch the video or contact us.

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