Complex Sales vs Elections and the Lake Wobegon Effect

    My previous blog titled Sjoemelsoftware received a lot of response. It was even picked up by a journalist (Rene Schoemaker) who asked permission to publish the article which he did: He was especially attracted by the piece I wrote on the fact that the New Dynamics AX is a Cloud version and the desire of Microsoft to become number 1 in market share and why trust Microsoft if you cannot even trust Volkswagen?

    Furthermore, the word Sjoemelsoftware was elected in the Netherlands as the new word of the year 2015:

    Talking about 2015 lists and elections I’d like to mention that a painting of one of my best friends was won second place in a ‘painting of the year’ competition. The silver medal. You can see the painting here:

    When I mentioned elections, I presume you were expecting a reference to the US elections. I don’t want to make this blog too political, but at the moment of writing this blog, the results of the Iowa primary elections are known and Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton respectively have beaten their republican and democrat opponents. The US party of democracy has started. Loyal readers of my blogs may remember that I wrote a little about the US election circus before. I think there is a lot of comparison between elections and complex ERP or CRM sales cycles…

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