An interview with Lasse Olsen from Avanade

    Company news - April 24, 2013

    Dynamics Software is very pleased to announce our global partnership with Avanade. Avanade provides business technology solutions and managed services with Microsoft expertise, rich customer experience, and unending helpfulness which sets them apart. We asked Lasse Olsen, Global ERP Partner Manager at Avanade, some questions. 


    What convinced you and Avanade to partner up with Dynamics Software?

    Network. Avanade has a global team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in place that specializes within specific industries. The relevant industry for Dynamics Software is obviously Professional Services and within this team the members generally claim that Dynamics Software is the best Service Management software provider for Dynamics AX. So it was a situation with de-facto standard that Dynamics Software have when we started formalizing ISV relationships. Eric’s (Eric Veldkamp, Managing Director Dynamics Software) done a good job of getting folks to educate us on Dynamics Software and how to engage on service management requirements.

    Were there more reasons that accelerated the partnership?

    Existing business was back then rising and still makes sense to Avanade, so we plan to see more interaction with Dynamics Software. We feel that within the service management industry there are especially two themes that drives new business: ability to work offline yet somehow still be able to communicate with the central ERP system and Mobility – allowing the service technician to bring a device with him on each service job and interact with inventory, orders and generally access key job information. Our hope is to see Dynamics Software become even stronger in those two key spaces.

    Where do you see growth and potential in the year ahead?

    In terms of the Product I would stick to the two key areas mentioned above. For developing your business my recommendation would be to get more presence in areas where Dynamics Software is not yet present. The moment you don’t have to fly in people and get act more locally you will be better able to help the customers solving their business problems.

    Dynamics Software Managing Director Eric Veldkamp: “We are very happy being the selected partner for service and maintenance solutions for Avanade. Avanade is one of the real global Microsoft Dynamics partners. We already share customer references in Belgium, Netherlands and France and with this global agreement we trust we are able to enhance our footprint with Avanade globally."

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    For additional information, contact Avanade:

    Lasse Olsen
    Global ERP Partner Manager
    Call: +1 206 239 5892

    For additional information, contact Dynamics Software:

    Eric Veldkamp
    Managing Director
    Mobile: +31 651 470 188

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