An interview with Brad Dennison, HSO

    We recently had the opportunity to interview Brad Dennison of HSO (Partner).

    Brad, please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at HSO.

    HSO is one of the single largest Dynamics AX only implementation partners in the world, with over 450 consultants in Europe, Asia and North America. I am one of the Managing Director’s and responsible for our North American Teams. As an Inner Circle Partner (top 1%) of the MS Partners, HSO brings great resources and solutions to our clients.

    How do you experience the partnership between HSO and Dynamics Software?

    As the single largest seller of the Dynamics Software (DYS) product line in the world, we see DYS as a key solution set to complement our HSO Business Apps. HSO has built a full set of complimentary solutions on top and around the DYS solutions, thus completing the Vertical solutions and providing subject matter expertise to our vertical industry clients. Our HSO Business Apps include more than 200 unique solutions that when brought together provide a unique value proposition for our vertical market customers.

    Can you tell us about some of the benefits customers have experienced when working with HSO & Dynamics Software?

    Based upon our Vertical experience we have worked on several project rescues with existing end-users who purchased generic AX or non-verticalized solutions and spent great amounts of time and $’s in the implementation that was not beneficially. By bringing our best of breed solution for these Verticals to these customers, we have been able to provide a Value Proposition by a quicker implementation, less development and thus less time frame/costs.

    Are you experiencing more interest and demand from certain verticals in your region at present? Which ones are they and is there a trend or reason/s behind it?

    Dynamics AX itself is doing very well in many vertical industries, including the Verticals that we specialize, these are verticals as well that we have strong industry experience as well as support from Microsoft in specific go to market programs.

    The year seems to have flown by and we are now in the final month for the year and half way through FY14. Where do you see potential and growth in the months ahead in 2014?

    As one of the fastest growing VAR’s and an Inner Circle Partner for Microsoft we see the growth continuing with many new customers in our Verticals from across the globe. We are on the teams for AX R3 and the upcoming AX2015 release, and have been working with both of these, and see great opportunity in our business across the world.

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