8 Seconds Human or Gold Fish

    September 2015. Wow, time goes fast.

    It has been silent on the Dynamics Software newsletter front for some months. Summertime is for most people at the Northern hemisphere a period to take some days or weeks off and enjoy holidays. It is mostly not the time for people to pay much attention to newsletters and after returning from holidays newsletters are the first deleted from inbox without being read. At the same time people have enough time to read during holidays. Some marketeers say you should use holiday time to contact your customers and prospects, others say don’t.

    The chance that most of the readers who started reading this blog have gone somewhere else as we passed the 8 seconds. Average human beings only have 8 seconds attention span, so we have to make sure they are attracted in these 8 seconds. A goldfish has even more! The 8 seconds thing caught my attention recently, but I will get back to that later. If you are still reading: thank you and please continue!

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