2014 a new year – The Focalism or anchoring bias and the power of habit

    Thank you for reading our February 2014 newsletter. In my last blog I wrote about the end of calendar year 2013 and tried to look ahead on what 2014 will bring. Every end also means a new beginning and a good beginning makes a good endImageing, 2013 was then and 2014 is now!

    The start of 2014 was great. In our case a new calendar year also means a new fiscal year. I am happy to say 2013 was our best revenue year ever! Many thanks to all our partners, customers and Microsoft folks helping us realizing this. And I know I have written and said it was our best year ever before, but the truth is I never lied. My motto is to never lie since if you are lying, you always have to remember what you said to whom. Would it not be strange to say contradictory things to the same person because you have a bad memory? If you never lie, you are always telling your truth.

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