2013, Another year of truth

    Thank you for reading our newslettter for December 2012!

    I hope and trust you are able to read this newsletter. Because if not December 21 has proven to be the end of the world or maybe you read it the day before….. On December 21, 2012, 13 periods of 144.000 days have passed since the beginning of the Mayan calendar. The threat most often quoted is a collision with a planet (or possibly a brown dwarf) known as Nibiru in 2012. The result would be the virtual destruction of Earth and mankind.  Some scientists mentioned that they made a miscalculation and the end of the world or a new cycle will start in 2208.

    Like modern calendars, the Mayan calendar is a way of keeping track of time. The Mayan calendar was never meant to be a predictor of the future any more than the calendar in my office is meant to. The ending date of the Mayan calendar is not meant to represent the end of time, but rather the end of their calendar cycle. Just as our calendar begins again on January 1, their calendar will begin a new cycle on December 22, 2012. Their calendar cycle is just much longer than our 365 day cycle.  I believe we will all wake up on December 22, 2012, but everybody is free to believe what they want to believe. An old adage among Christians is ‘Be careful what you ask God for because you just might get it’. The curious thing about maxims, aphorisms and common sayings is that while some tend to be true they are not always based on the truth.

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