Sunk Cost Fallacy, Always Free

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    I am happy to see that more Dynamics Software colleagues are writing with digital pens, share experiences and create nice and informative stories. In case you missed it, our spotlight section is full of great content! My thanks to the contributors as well as to our company mom Monisha Ghosh who never gives up asking, begging, shouting, screaming for content and encouraging even modest colleagues to share their knowledge, use their talents and put something on electronic paper. You can give up, give it in or give all you have and that is what Monisha always does.

    Never give up! That could have been the theme of a seminar I attended last week invited and organized by Nicole Lier of Management Plezier. The actual theme was Always Free instead and what that means to you. The guest speaker was a guy named Joseph Oubelkas and as you can see on his profile he has a big gap in his CV. Joseph is born in the countryside of the Netherlands with a Dutch mother and a father from Moroccan origin. As IT has the future, Joseph started his IT studies and soon became an IT entrepreneur and had to travel to Morocco for one of his customers many times. During one of his trips to Berkane he got arrested for allegedly smuggling 8000 kilograms drugs and was convicted with a sentence of 10 years in an awful Moroccan prison cell without any evidence. Unbelievable.

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