Gaining the competitive edge!

    Thank you for reading our June 2014 newsletter. In our April newsletter I wrote spring is in the air on the Northern Hemisphere. If I look outside now (May 28) it seems autumn is back again?. Read more

    The Negativity Bias

    Thank you for reading our April 2014 newsletter. Spring is in the air on the Northern Hemisphere. It is in the air for months in the Netherlands since we did not have a winter temperature wise at all. Read more

    The Hindsight Bias

    The end of calendar year 2013 is approaching fast and my colleague Monisha Ferreira asked me to look back and ahead since this is the last newsletter from Dynamics Software in 2013. Looking back is easy. Read more

    The Ugly Sister Effect – What is your name

    Dear reader, Thanks for reading our November 2013 newsletter! In our business, spring and autumn are the times where you automatically work actively on your business relations. There are a lot of events around the world, where we meet with people in person and the networking is like working. Read more

    Power of the customer

    Dear reader, Thanks for reading our September 2013 newsletter. It has been a while since our June 2013 newsletter. Most people in the northern hemisphere enjoyed summer holidays and people in some parts of the southern hemisphere enjoyed winter holidays. Read more

    Gaining the competitive edge

    Time goes fast. Microsoft is just about to close their fiscal year and to me it feels like the end of their last fiscal year was only yesterday! In our June 2012 newsletter I talked about decision making and made the analogy to sports. Read more

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